See what campers and staff are saying about Camp Sue Osborn...

I loved camp because it was one of the highlights of my summer for many years. I loved coming to Camp Sue every summer because I loved hanging out with old friends and making new friends each year.
— Amanda Waddell, Camper
My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed going to Camp Sue Osborn. They have had a variety of exciting activities to offer and the most professional staff!
— Parent
Camp Sue is the only place in Charley’s life where he gets to feel like a completely normal kid. He fits in. He’s loved. He is allowed to be the incredible kid that he is without the pressures of trying to be someon’e he’s not. Camp Sue has the most caring people working there. For some parents it’s the only break they get where they don’t have to worry about their children too.
— Marcy, Parent
I just love hanging out. There’s always something to do and talk about, not to mention the amazing staff.
— Cayne, Alumni Camper
Camp Sue is awesome because it allows children with special needs to interact with other children just like them! I love seeing all the kids light up while interacting with the great staff.
— Sarah Marie, Staff
I love Camp Sue Osborn for the friends that I’ve made and all the memories that were made each summer.
— Amanda, Alumni Camper
We are family!
— Alumni Camper
Not only have I watched Camp Sue Osborn change the lives of our campers, but I have watched it change the lives of my friends and myself. It is by far one of the best experiences of my life and something I look forward to every year! At Camp Sue we are a family.
— Lauren Bell, Staff
It’s such a special experience to be a part of bringing [campers] so much joy. We’ve all heard a lot of campers would rather come to camp than have Christmas! I remember thinking after working at camp my first year that I’d never been so exhausted in my life, but all I wanted to do was go back.
— Kaari Pierce Schroeder, Staff
Camp Sue is awesome because it’s a great place to be, to meet new people and to try new things. Camp Sue is just a fun place to be.”
— Val, Alumni Camper
Camp is awesome because it really is the happiest place on earth! The campers are the most inspiring people I know, and deserve to have the best possible week, so that’s what we give them!
— Stefani Heller, Staff
What I like about Camp Sue is the true colors that the children show. They are real and make me have compassion and wanting to serve them. The special needs that Camp Sue holds allows me to be humbled, and I leave camp more blessed than I did at the beginning of the week.
— Joanne Zarcovacki, Staff
Camp Sue is an opportunity for amazing kids and young adults with special needs to break away from the ‘four walls’ aspect of schools and institutes and really enjoy themselves openly and freely without any worries or cares. It gives the campers a chance to be part of a family style community where they can build confidence and create bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. No matter their age, or where tlife may take them, Camp Sue Osborn is a place they can always call home.
— Joe Lockard, Staff
Camp Sue Osborn is awesome because it gives individuals with special needs a camp experience where they will not be seen as ‘different.’ Camp Sue Osborn allows these individuals to create and form bonds with others who then become lifelong friends! Camp Sue Osborn provides new experiences for our campers, that they may never have the opportunity to do without camp. Even as staff some of my favorite memories involve Camp Sue Osborn!
— Casey Smith, Camp Coordinator
My daughter talks about it all year!
— Parent
The campers are amazing and each day I learn something new from them. Each camper is an inspiration and one cannot help but smile and laugh while working with such amazing kids and adults. The staff is caring and goes above and beyond to ensure all campers are given a full camp experience.
— Brandy Siegel, Staff
Camp Sue Osborn to me is a camp that special needs children can go out and have fun. It is a camp that I looked forward to every year. You get to meet new people and they get to know you. My favorite activities were the talent show and seeing how kids grew up year to year. This camp is really special to me and I know that many generations of kids will enjoy it as well as I did.
— Andrew Vogt, Camper
This has truly been a wonderful experience for my son. I am grateful that he had the opportunity to go.
— Parent
Camp Sue has a big heart.
— Nicole, Camper
I love camp because it is almost like the great equalizer – no one is different there. It gives kids a chance to experience things that might not have otherwise had a chance to do. Camp is a collection of good people in the world. It is also a full of people who only goal in life is to have the best time they possibly can.
— Alyssa Stipcic, Camper
I want to stay here longer.
— Alumni Camper
Camp Sue Osborn is so much fun because of how much the campers enjoy it. It gives these kids with special needs the chance to do all the things other kids do at camp. They smile and laugh all week long. Our staff strives to make every activity possible for each camper, no matter what the disability. Over the years I have seen my own students make social and communication gains due to Camp Sue. The best part is the lasting friendships derived from camp. Campers as well as staff make lifelong friendships at camp. Many staff members have returned year after year for over 10 years!
— Peggy Karg, Staff
As a child protection social worker for 19 years, I feel completely safe having my son participate in this day and overnight camp. It gives him such joy!
— Parent
To the campers, Camp Sue is like Disney World. It’s a place and time they look forward to all year long. The moment camp ends, the countdown starts for the next year. It is just an incredibly amazing experience for everyone involved. The memories made by the campers and staff are ones that will be cherished for a lifetime.
— Shannon Weber, Staff